Stacey Risotti

Vice President of Operations

Stacey joined California MENTOR in February of 2011, but has been a part of The MENTOR Network since 2003.  She currently is a regional quality assurance director for the organization’s Redwood Operating Group, overseeing the quality assurance programs in California and Oregon. Stacey works closely with the state-based quality assurance teams on outcomes, investigations, trainings, surveys and ways to manage risk and improve services. She draws upon her extensive experience to ensure that the organization meets the highest standards of quality in serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Prior to joining California MENTOR, Stacey spent two years as a clinical supervisor for the children’s program of Massachusetts MENTOR—a partner of The MENTOR Network—and later moved on to be the program manager of the program.  She was later promoted to deputy state director for Massachusetts MENTOR and Rhode Island MENTOR.  In that position, she assisted in directing program operations within both states to ensure quality, maximize revenue, and implement growth and diversification efforts.

Stacey has a bachelor’s degree of sociology from Clark University, and a master’s degree of social work from New York University.

“The MENTOR Network has given me an amazing opportunity to learn so much about the human services field—from direct care to program supervision and now quality assurance.  I hope to leverage the quality services that The MENTOR Network is known for to continue California MENTOR’s successful growth and ongoing commitment to creating innovative, quality services for those we support.”