California MENTOR Welcomes Creative Connections, Inc.


California MENTOR is pleased to welcome Creative Connections, Inc. (CCI), a Bakersfield area provider of community-based services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

CCI’s services include a Family Home Agency (FHA) program, in which individuals live in a private family home with their caregiver, and two small specialized community residences for individuals with medical challenges. CCI supports approximately 120 adults and employs about 50 staff members.

“With its years of experience serving individuals with a wide range of challenges, CCI enhances our growing array of services and supports in California. We look forward to supporting the individuals in the CCI programs and working together with their staff to provide life-enhancing services in the Bakersfield area,” said Dana Delman, Executive Director, California MENTOR.

California MENTOR provides an array of residential and community-based services designed to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in increasing their independence and being active in their community. One of these programs is the FHA program, also known as Host Homes, in which individuals are matched with nurturing caregivers called Mentors. Individuals live in their Mentor’s home as part of the family and receive support tailored to their unique needs, including independent living skill development, assistance with daily living tasks and support participating in activities so they may grow and be an active part of neighborhood life.

California MENTOR also offers supports such as independent living services and day programs for adults with disabilities, as well as early intervention and behavioral health services for children with disabilities and other complex challenges and their families.

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